Why Chris do is good at Graphic design?

Graphic design is an essential component of modern communication and marketing, with the ability to convey a message or brand identity through visual elements such as typography, imagery, and color. In this review, we will take a closer look at the graphic design created by Chris Do, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of their approach and offering constructive criticism for all of us to learn from.


This Design alignment is spot on, alignment refers to the process of ensuring that all elements of a design, such as visual elements, typography, and layout, work together harmoniously. The final product is cohesive and whether you have seen a Chris Do design recently or from 5 years ago, the styles and ideas behind them are the same.  The elements included in this design follow a grid, use consistent typography, and creating a clear visual hierarchy. The message is clear and it helps guide the viewer’s eye through the design and makes the information easy to understand and engage with.


Color Contrast in this design is flawless, the message is clear that a brand is not an identity, as clear as “black and white” through this color scheme it brings to mind the rigid nature that we look at the design subconsciously.  


The repetition of the same font, the same styles, and the small bolded words really bring the consistent nature of the design together. They have all the corners with content that is always there and the typography is always consistent in a Chris Do design. 


The way this design is put together has the important elements of the message as the main spot where you would read, they are grouped together and placed in a way to be visually appealing. There is a comfort in the way the design is put together as well given the placement of each item. It is intentional in every way. 


White, Black, and Grey. White is the purity, innocence, and cleanliness aspect of a good logo or brand. The message as well as what comes to mind. Black brings to mind the power, elegance, and sophistication. The Grey color brings to mind neutrality, balance, and stability. Therefore this design makes you feel clean, elegant and stable. 


Overall Chris Do has a great understanding of alignment, color theory, and the way to truly make images and styles catch you. The way he can display a message is powerful and this design is a great way to highlight that unique expertise.