Hey there, I’m Brenden Blackham, and if we haven’t crossed paths yet, consider this blog your VIP pass to getting to know the creative force behind the scenes. This isn’t just an autobiography; it’s your backstage pass to the wild journey I’ve had in the realm of media and creativity.

Picture this: A ten-year-old me, fueled by an insatiable passion for creativity. I wasn’t dreaming small; I wanted to be a rockstar, hit the stage on Vans Warped Tour, be part of a band as legendary as the Beatles, and maybe, just maybe, change the world. Fast forward to age 11, and I birthed a musical endeavor named Melting Rain with my 2 best friends. Today, we still rock out under a new band name, The Bombshell Flowers.

That creative passion and desire to be different fuel every creative endeavor I participate in with my clients. From those songwriting sessions in my past, promoting our music currently, to riding the waves of early Facebook advertising, my creative saga wasn’t just about making tunes. It was a crash course in networking, business event planning, talent booking, content recording, and the art of crafting killer videos.

At this young age, due to a bootstrapped budget to promote, I became well aware of software that could enable us to become what we needed to be. Fast forward to today, and these skills are the secret sauce behind every creative venture I undertake. Logos? I’ve got you covered. Album cover art? Video Production? Consider it done. Need promotional materials that pop? I’m your guy.

So, why am I sharing all this? 

Because when you work with me, you’re not just getting a creative mind; you’re getting a seasoned architect of dreams, a lover of high-quality media, and a partner in every sense of the word.

While I was in high school working on trying to build that band, doing many other extracurriculars, and prepping to serve an LDS mission, I found that the true voice in myself was through leadership, music, creativity, and working with people.

I decided to get more into marketing/sales as a career, and in that pursuit got a pharmacy tech license so I could pivot to the tried and true career of being a pharma rep. After 14 months of working as a tech while in college, I realized I wanted to unleash my creativity even further and also be with people more. I did summer sales, worked at Healthcare Compliance Pros as a BDR, and helped with a few social media posts there, which got me more into graphic design and spurred the last 2 years of my degree to find every elective I could on that subject.

After that summer, I finally got my shot at a marketing agency in Ogden, where I was able to learn and grow in the field of advertising, graphic design, video editing, and social media marketing. As I was building out my freelance business on the side, I now work in operations at Content Supply. Over this time, I have met and worked with dozens of clients and helped them find solutions to their content needs—everything from small banners to logo design to other larger scale projects and partnering with my wife to launch Black Thorn Media as a video agency.

I have been freelancing my logo design, graphic design, video editing, social media marketing, and other services for a few years now. And it has taught me that true collaboration is the best way to be truly successful. Whether it’s finding someone on Fiverr and then building a long-term client relationship with them or someone that’s doing a one-off project with me, I am here to help you achieve your goals within marketing, video production, and graphic design. I’m your Digital Handyman!

There are so many problems businesses face, and finding good freelancers is one of the best ways to ensure proper growth. Let’s hop on a call and see what types of work we can do together! If not, let’s at least connect on Linkedin here